NEW Merchant Ship Upgrade! Germany Under Siege! (Kingdoms and Castles New Update Gameplay)

Kingdoms and Castles got a New Ports, Ships and Trading Update! Merchants and Ports + Infrastructure Update! (KnC Ep 13) Merchant

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About Kingdoms and Castles Merchants and Ports Update:
Hope you’re all having a good new year so far! The beta version of our latest update is now available for testing in the next-version-preview branch here on steam. The major features to look for are bigger maps, merchant ships, transport ships, independent islands, and a job priority system.

About Kingdoms and Castles Infrastructure Update:
Wooden Walls, Stone Roads, Queen Barbara Statue, and Noria, Aqueduct and Reservoir added. You can now irrigate the land (soil enrichment)! Build a noria near fresh water to pull water up. Use aqueducts to transport it to your fields, and reservoirs to provide irrigation. An irrigated tile allows you to farm it regardless of underlying soil type and provides a bonus crop yield to tiles that are already fertile. You can chain norias together in the same aqueduct system to push water further across the map.

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