I Do Really Well with Making Money on My Own

My mom raised me after my father left when I was a small child. She has worked hard to make sure that I have the things that I have needed in life. She has told me how important it is to go to college, and I promised her that I would. She also said that she would help me pay for it, but I decided to try to do most of it on my own. I do a variety of things to make money, and one such way is by keeping up with scrap copper prices per pound and selling when the price is high. I also find other ways to keep bringing in money, too.

My mom still tries to find ways to help me pay my way through school. And I continue to try to find ways to tell her that I will be fine. The truth is that she has done so much for me already over the years. I really want to see her be able to just relax and start enjoying what little money she makes. For the longest time, she worked two jobs. It really took a toll on her, and she had to spend most of what she made on bills and getting buy. So, I’d rather just trying to make my own way, and she can put her money toward her retirement. She deserves that. And I hope that after I graduate, I can give back to mom financially as well.

Another thing that I do to make money is to mow lawns and do handyman work around where I live. We have a neighborhood email list where I advertise my services, and the neighbors keep me very busy. Almost too busy, because I often find myself feeling rushed when it comes to school. But I have no complaints because it is working out well.

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