Extreme Whipcracker: Adam Winrich

In this Volume One video, world record holding whipcracker Adam Winrich (of Fall Creek, WI) talks about his whiptastic experiences and does some good ol’ whip cracking for the camera. Shots include a massive fire whip, a Florida cow whip routine, and cutting several cans of soda clean in half. Produced by Volume One of Eau Claire, WI. Shot by Nick Meyer and Aryn Widule.

Adam’s Seven Guinness World Records for whip cracking:
– Longest whip ever cracked: 216 ft
– Most Stockwhip cracks in one minute: 272
– Most Bullwhip cracks in One Minute: 253
– Most whip cracks in minute w/ whip each hand: 420
– Fastest time to hit 10 targets: 4.85 seconds
– Most candles extinguished in minute w/ whip: 50
– Most full soda cans cut clean in half in 3 minutes: 23

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