MC Taejoon is shocked to hear what a 12-year-old has to say. [Hello Counselor / 2017.08.28]

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Chase and Papa try to have a nice day shooting Paintball Guns with candy attached to helium balloons, when a police call is made from an angry neighbor about the use of a DEADLY WEAPON!! Officer Buff tries to arrest Chase and Papa after OFFICER BUFF Discover A Lot More

“Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution” [The Haxan Cloak Remix]

The Haxan Cloak's remix of "Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution." Video by Matthew Daniel Siskin, and everyone on Earth The studio version of "Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution" appears Discover A Lot More

Trolls VS Smurfs Pie Face Game w Poppy, Smurfette, Branch, Gargamel, Jailbreak, Fidget Spinner Slime

Trolls VS Smurfs Pie Face Game! Gargamel forces Smurfette & Brainy from the Smurfs Movie and Poppy & Branch from the Trolls Movie to play the Pie Face Game using Slime, Whipped Cream, Playfoam and a Fidget Spinner! First Branch loses to Smurfette Discover A Lot More

GTA Online – Smuggler’s Run DLC: Car Customization (Visione, Cyclone, Rapid GT Classic, Retinue)

This is a simple video showing the customization of the Grotti Visione, Coil Cyclone, Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic, and Vapid Retinue - with some bonus footage of the Vigilante (batmobile) at the end. Different colors have been used to show where Discover A Lot More

24/7 Flat Earth LIVE! 🔴 100% Proof NASA Lies & Earth is Not a Globe 🌍 Not Flat Earth Society

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