Let’s Play Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – Part 17 – Sudden & Abrupt

Yonder is set on the vast island of Gemea, a lush frontier with eight distinct environments ranging from tropical beaches to snow-capped summits. Each location has its own flora and fauna, along with changing seasons and a day-night cycle. Gemea, Discover A Lot More

【Fate/Grand Order】2周年特異点ピックアップ召喚2回目!我慢出来ずに回したら…え…?またすり抜け…?

はい!我慢できずに回しました! 次回はおそらく水着になると思いますが、約束は出来ません( ̄▽ ̄;)笑 Discover A Lot More

Tropical Storm Rain Sounds | Sleep, Study or Relax with Rainstorm White Noise | 10 Hours

A tropical storm has descended on this secluded island, creating a soothing rain soundscape. As you listen to the rain fall in a steady shower, clear your mind, take some deep breaths, and relax. The rainstorm white noise drowns out distracting sounds Discover A Lot More