Sharing the Gift of Science

The grand opening of my museums is almost here, and I'm to excited to even sleep. The museum started with geotechnical services making the ground ready for the museum. The construction of it took months, but now it's nearly ready to open. The museum has multiple levels and even has a section that acts as a planetarium. The kids are really going to get a kick out the planetarium when the ceiling goes dark and the stars come out. This was always my favorite part when I went to the museum as a kid, that and the dinosaur bones on display.

I created the museum because I am a big fan of science. I've been fascinated with everything related to science since I was a little kid. I would always beg my parents to take me to the museum, even though I had been there many times. There was always something for me to learn about when I went there. The people who work at the museum even knew my name by heart. When I grew up, I moved to a different state and went to college there. I figured that the people in my new home would want to learn just as much about science as I did.

I plan on having a new exhibit in the museum every month. I'm going to get some well known guest speakers who have a scientific background to come to the museum and give a presentation. Hopefully the museum will be come known as a haven for science by everyone, and future generations will be inspired to become scientists and maybe even open their own museum. There is enough space for every city to have a museum The museum will go a long way to shape the world we live in and improve our lives.

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Vector Icons Are Still Being Used for Personal and Business Needs

Remember the cartoon icons used in the early days of the Internet? They still have a wide use and popularity. We just do not notice them as standing out against the high-resolution pictures and 4K video we are blasted with every day online. Plus, the new vector icons are much more tastefully and artfully done. I like them because we can use them online and in print. I got a big package of resizable vector icons from Flaticon. They cover pretty much any topic, subject or idea I need to punctuate with an icon.

You want good quality icons that are vector objects that you can make bigger or smaller according to what the need is. The new icons include updated designs for today's personal and business use. My pack of 2,000 icons from Flaticon includes newer things such as hoodies, iPads and smartwatches. You would not find those in an older pack of vector icons. The updated designs are very useful for giving a polish to web and print designs. They are called icons because the images carry a meaning to them when presented to others in our culture. For example, adults and kids today can identify with hoodies and smartwatches. You could use a hoodie icon to accentuate a letter, policy, article, notice or pretty much any other document. Maybe you are writing about exercise or the fall or spring weather. There are icons to use for anything you write about.

Imagery to go along with blog posts can be expensive. A simple icon can serve as a visual marker for a blog post just as well as a pricey photo from one of those online image sellers. There are all kinds of uses for icons. Just make sure of the licensing you have to use them. Make sure you can use them for personal and business use and in print or online.

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