He Needed to Recharge My AC Unit

My air conditioner is a lifeline for me in the summer months here in New York City. Even when the temperature is in the 70s, I like to turn it on because my house can become quite stuffy. When the temperatures are in the 80s or 90s, it becomes an absolute necessity. Well, I had to contact a company that does AC repair in NYC last month because my air conditioner was running but not putting out any cold air. I was thankful that the compressor was running, which indicated to me that there might just be a problem with the refrigerant level or even a leak.

I knew a few things to check, but I am really not extremely knowledgeable about how air conditioners work. I listened for any odd noises as well as any residue or debris that looked like it might be clogging the air conditioner. I was not able to find anything or hear anything though, which is why I decided to call the company that came out and fixed it. I knew that I could look at it for a month of Sundays and still not know what was wrong with it, so I just contacted them since they are the professionals.

When the technician came out, he was able to determine that it was just a simple problem with the refrigerant levels. He was able to recharge it, and it felt so blissfully cold after just a short period of time. It did not cost me very much money since it was such an easy fix, and it did not take a lot of time either. I am just so glad that it is fixed now that the weather is getting even warmer. I couldn't have went even a few hours without my air conditioner today!

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We Picked Up Bed Bugs Staying in Motels While Traveling

We took a road trip. Our plan was to buy an RV and go traveling. We decided to stay in budget motels instead. We had a fabulous time over the winter and into the early summer. We were home for a couple of months when we had to call for bed bug removal in NYC. Somewhere on our trip staying at one of the budget motels we picked up the critters and brought them home with us. The experts in bed bugs said they probably came home in our luggage on our clothes. Is that creepy or what?

I was surprised to have bites after we were home and not while on the road. We actually were trying to be careful about that. We brought and washed our own linens. That is probably how they hitched a ride. We would put the dirty linens in a mesh laundry bag, stop at a laundromat, wash them and then put them on the bed at the next hotel. We had five sets so we did laundry once per week.

Now we had the critters in our own bed in our own home. The place that does bed bug removal in NYC assured us that they could eradicate them. However, even after the treatment looked to be a 100 percent success, we had a hard time sleeping in our bed. I would feel itchy just getting ready to go to sleep. We inspected each other's skin every morning looking for bites.

After none were found for a month or two, we began to relax. However, we did decide to buy a new mattress and box springs for our anniversary. Not that it will make any actual difference, but it will bring some peace of mind. We were due for a new bed anyway. At least that is what we are telling ourselves.

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Overwatch League Pros Name Underrated Players in OWL | DBLTAP Rapid Fire

The Overwatch League is in full swing. We know the stars, but who are the players that may not be rated as highly as they deserve to be? Hear the OWL pros pick the most underrated players in the league. Subscribe here: youtube.com/c/DBLTAPOverwatch?sub_confirmation=1 Remember Discover A Lot More

THE MARIACHIS ARRIVE! Latin Party At Racist Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg’s House 5/18/18

PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING MY WORK: http://www.sandibachom.com/ Racist rant of NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg berating someone in a restaurant and threatening to call ICE went viral. This was the protest. This is how we deal with low life racists Discover A Lot More

MORNING COFFEE JAZZ & BOSSA NOVA – Music Radio 24/7- Relaxing Chill Out Music Live Stream

Playing NOW: MORNING COFFEE JAZZ & BOSSA NOVA . All you need is Love and Coffee This live stream radio airs 24/7 and is the home of gentle people and tranquil music. Just let the smooth vibes take over and enjoy! ► SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR NEW MUSIC Discover A Lot More

Red Arcn & SoaR LVL – FaZe Kitty [K5] Challenge Response

Opener & Closer were just all sorts of fucked. That map tho o.o Thank you for the the opportunity as always Kitty, much love my guy. Drop a LIKE asap and FOLLOW LVL BELOW. SoaR LVL: https://www.twitch.tv/thereallevel https://twitter.com/SoaRLVL_ https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealLevel Song: Jordan Discover A Lot More

How 45-Year-Old Man Met 16-Year-Old Whom He Ran Away With To Mexico

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Playmobil en français Papa est arrêté Exclue-film pour enfants de la famille Hauser

La Famille Hauser de chez Playmobil s´est retrouvé dehors. Qu´est ce qui va se passer par la suite , vous le verrez dans notre film de jouets pour enfants Abonnez-vous, c’est gratuit ! http://bit.ly/2m8Q2vS Playlists: Tous le video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFek98Zfyg06x-3VdQzdx5A/videos?shelf_id=1&sort=dd&view=0 Histoires Discover A Lot More